Friday, December 16, 2011

Premium Quality Botany Leaf Cabinet Package: Giveaway (Ended)

Last Week's Giveaway: Don't miss out on a chance to Win!
Alison's Montessori Premium Quality Botany Leaf Cabinet Package

Package includes:

PB01: Leaf Cabinet:
A mahogany finish cabinet with 3 drawers containing 14 leaf shaped insets in green and red. It doesn't matter if you have Montessori training or not. A cabinet containing 14 leaf shape insets and frames. Here the child learns the shapes and names of leaves by tracing their borders and matching them to those in the natural environment.

PB02: Leaf Cabinet:
Three series of 14 cards that correspond to the figures contained within the leaf cabinet. Here the child moves from the concrete representation of the leaf shapes to abstraction.

PB03: Leaf Cabinet:
Small box with three compartments for organizing and storing the leaf cards.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Our First Giveaway

Welcome to Alison's Montessori's new blog page. To inaugurate our new blog, we have decided to host our own giveaway. Our first prize will be this land and water form cabinet. It's a beautiful cabinet, which will be useful in any classroom. Montessori Land and Water Form Cabinet
Alison's Montessori Land and Water Form Cabinet

Recommended age 3-6

Here's a description of the land and water form cabinet from the Alison's Montessori online catalog:

"A concrete lesson in physical geography, our beautiful wooden Land and water form cabinet provides children with an understanding of the various type of land formations found on earth. Each pull out tray contains a removable puzzle-like representation with a printed definition on the inside of the tray. The cabinet measures approximately 15 1/2 " tall, 10 " wide and 7 " deep. Includes representations of a strait, isthmus, archipelago, systems of lakes, peninsula, gulf, island, lake and cape."